Special feature of an automatic greasing system on a backhoe

Equipment with two distinct sections (front and rear)


The backhoe has two distinct sections that work independently. In fact, the two sections are never in operation simultaneously, which complicates the lubrication.

How do I calculate the amount of grease for each section when the sections don't work equally?

To remedy this situation, the Alltech Group offers a solution. Indeed, the system is equipped with a directional valve which allows to alternately lubricate the front and the back. The system therefore only greases the section which is in operation.

In this way, we ensure that all lubrication points receive an ideal dose of grease at the right time to avoid over-lubrication.




Equipment with many lubrication points


Although a backhoe is a small machine, it can often have more than 40 greasing points depending on the brand and model. 

The time needed to carry out the maintenance is therefore very long. Installing an automatic greasing system saves a lot of time. 


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