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Trick: Unloading a dump truck without overturning

Work safely!


The overturning of trucks along with the dump trailers is a major cause for serious and fatal accidents in the transport sector. The majority of the time they are due to the lack of knowledge of the stability principles linked to unloading the dumper.




The right ways to work in a secure fashion.  


Loading correctly

• Respect the maximum load of your dumper

• Distribute the load in a way that it is balanced and not all accumulated in the rear.

• Park on grounds that are totally flat to prevent displacing the load in the dumper.

• Lubricate the dumper for sticky materials (i.e.: humid earth, asphalt etc.).

• Cover the trailer for all hot materials (asphalt).


Unloading correctly

• Align the hitch before you begin to unload

• Observe the grounds before unloading: There are no slopes, stability of the ground, there are no holes, and make sure when opening the tailgate is free of all obstacles (i.e.: walls, electrical wires, etc.)

• Maintain a secure distance in the case of side by side unloading.

• Always deflate the pneumatic suspensions.

• Remain in the cabin and leave your seatbelt on at all times while unloading.

• Wait till the dumper has completely lowered back to the correct position before leaving.


What to do if the load does not dump?

• Slowly lower the dumper and find another method to unload

• Do not make back and forth movements, jolt on the jack of the truck or Try to drive off while the dumper is loaded to try to unload because this increases your chances of overturning.  




Many tools are available to help the driver's vigilance;

Save time and money with Sentinel.

Sentinel 1.0

Security system for raised dumper and/or PTO Activated.

Informs the driver when the truck is functioning and the dumper is rised.

Conform to the new regulation! 



Sentinel 2.0

Security system which prevents overturning

Informs the driver of potential dangers of height and tipping.






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