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Automation: A of the solutions to the labor shortage

Is labor shortage affecting you?


Labor shortage is a major problem for many companies in different sectors. Construction and transport are 2 of the sectors where the shortage is drastic. The lack of labor is a growth constraint. Several companies refuse orders or delay delivery. In order to deal with these ramifications, businesses have no choice but to find solutions.


Process Automation


Automation consists of systemizing operation which require human intervention. It assists man by alleviating any simple and repetitive tasks requiring precision and rigor.

The objective is simple: it increases your company’s productivity by freeing up precious time for your workers.


Example of tasks/Tools where automation applies


Routine tasks:


Several routine tasks that are carried out by construction workers, particularly maintenance of equipment, can easily be automated:


  • Automatic lubrication

Have you ever asked yourself, how much time in a day does it take an operator to grease his equipment? Installation of an automatic greasing system will bring significant savings in time, as the system functions while the vehicle is working.

It also maximizes performance by eliminating wasted time, due to stopping for maintenance and repair.


  • Tire-sealant, puncture free

Punctures can be costly, by causing delays, which affect productivity. Using a puncture free product, eliminates this inconvenience by sealing punctures the moment it happens. This reduces disruption and eliminates the shortfall.


Precision work:

Certain tools help to perform tasks quicker while improving the workflow. Working quickly and efficiently saves time!


  • Weighing system for chargers and other equipment

A weighing system is actually a controlling device which calculates the bulk material weight transported by a loader (or other equipment). Regardless of where the loading takes place, the weighing system is always available. Installation of a weighing system enables to achieve optimized loading and avoids overloading and loss of time.


Security tools:


Security systems can further improve the process. Production stoppage due to an incident, equipment failure or a work accident can lead to a major waste of time and loss of money.  


  • Backup cameras

A camera system can eliminate blind spots for the driver. This is a valuable tool to help create awareness for the driver. Increasing visibility in the work zone and allowing the operator to be more productive.


  • Range limiting device

A range limiting device eliminates the risk of contact between the excavator and surrounding obstacles. The device facilitates monitoring of the work environment and eliminates human error, responsible for several serious and fatal accidents.


  • Security system for dump trucks

Conceived to help the driver be more vigilant. This system helps avoid embarrassing situations such as, striking a viaduct or electrical wiring. The consequences can be very expensive in both time and money (halting of the service unit, maintenance, CSST investigation, etc.). 


  • Pedestrian and obstacle detection system 

A detection system helps prevent collisions between construction equipment and pedestrians. This will reduce the operating equipment costs by warning the driver of an obstacle that could cause damage thanks to a camera that recognizes and detects obstacles. It also helps improve productivity on your work site by allowing the driver to monitor hidden areas without turning, thanks to a screen located in the cab. 


Process automation


Several other production tools are also available to automate your equipment / your procedures. Automation will not completely eliminate labor shortage. However, it will maximize the full potential of your current workforce.


Assigning your staff to specific tasks is a good starting point to increase productivity!





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