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"The dump truck hit the survey technician"

Surveyor fatally hit by a vehicle


The CNESST has made public the conclusions to its investigation regarding the work accident, which claimed the life of a surveyor, on October 15, 2018.



Timeline of accident

The day of the accident, the surveyor was busy surveying on a lane closed to traffic near a van parked. At one point, a truck driver began to back off, which he stopped about 1.5 m from the truck blocking his passage. The surveyor was taking action at that moment, by turning his back on the van and the dump truck. When the truck left its position, the driver of the truck, believing the cleared way, then resumed its maneuver of recoil towards a hydraulic excavator located a little further on the closed way. Seeing the risk of an impending collision, the operator of the hydraulic excavator immediately activated his horn, which he maintained continuously to signal the danger to the surveyor and the driver, but no one reacted. The dump truck hit the survey technician. The emergency services were called and the death of the worker was found on the spot.


Cause of accident:


The query allowed the CNESST to retain three causes to explain the accident:

  • The survey technician did not see the truck wil he was backing in his direction;
  • The truck driver did not know that the technician was behind his dump truck;
  • Communication management and measures to ensure the safety of workers on the job site were deficient.


Source : CNESST 



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