Blaxtair Origin - Collision avoidance system

Blaxtair® is an intelligent on-board camera which helps to prevent collisions between construction machinery and pedestrians. Combined with good practice and organizational safety measures, it is the only efficient and reliable answer to meet the safety demands of the construction, road work and mining sectors.





Blaxtair Origin saves lives. The most advanced pedestrian detection solution to prevent collisions with machinery, it not only alerts drivers to danger without unnecessary alarms, but also helps HSE and site managers control and reduce the risk of accidents. Compact, robust, connected, scalable and easy to install, with unparalleled performance on the market, Blaxtair Origin is the only AI camera capable of accurately detecting and locating pedestrians in real time, in any posture (standing, crouching or in partial view) in all the most demanding work environments. To go beyond the prevention of last second accidents, the system integrates the Cloud-based IoT solution "Blaxtair Connect" which revolutionizes the safety of people around machines by dividing the coactivity between machines and pedestrians by 3.




Blaxtair Origin®

  • Improves safety, working conditions and productivity
  • Prevents collisions between industrial machinery (reverse and forward) and pedestrians
  • Avoids unnecessary alerts that tire the driver
  • Control & reduction of accident risks thanks to the integrated Blaxtair Connect
  • Future-proofed:online maintenance & remote software updates
  • Scalable: ready for future additional features or cloud services




Benefits of Blaxtair Origin® 


  • Detects and localizes pedestrians in real time.
  • Alerts the driver to the danger and helps prevent serious accidents on industrial sites.
  • No pedestrian tags needed.
  • Detects any postures (i.e standing, crouching, or in partial view) to prevent collisions with vehicles, whether driving forward or in reverse.



  • Monitors & reduces risk of accidents.
  • Highlights the most dangerous machines and determines the time and place where the risk of accident is highest.
  • Measures the effectiveness of the preventive actions implemented to prevent accidents between vehicles & pedestrians.



  • Industrial-grade solution, operational in harsh and tough environments, e.g. strong vibration, high impacts, wide temperature variance (-40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F).
  • Resistant to water and dust (IP69K sensor).
  • Compatible with all types and brands of industrial machines (forklifts, loaders, excavators, etc.).
  • Plug&Play system, compact and easy to install.
  • Future-proofed: online maintenance & remote software updates.



  • Blaxtair Origin generates only relevant alerts for the driver, avoiding nuisance alarms and alarm fatigue.
  • Avoids incurring costs related to downtime, workplace accidents or fatalities.


Blaxtair Connect



The connected solution Blaxtair Connect revolutionizes the safety of people around industrial machines to achieve the zero-accident goal sought by companies. The Blaxtair Connect dashboard provides access to relevant metrics and hot-spot mapping to enable occupational health and safety managers to take proactive action every day to drastically reduce the risk of machine/pedestrian collisions.




Benefits of Blaxtair Connect®

Various Data Collected

Geolocation of detections with mapping of areas of high machine/pedestrian coactivity (hot spots)

Records near misses - time-stamped and localizeds

Detection statistics

Measure the level/rate of coactivity per machine and per site

Identifies areas of coactivity and critical times of the day

Recovery of photos of detection events (can be activated on demand; can be requested to have people blurred)


A Proactive Accident Prevention Tool

Measures the effectiveness of preventive actions implemented, on organization and behaviors

Active prediction of locations and times where the risk of accidents is highest on site

Option to set up alerts for managers in case of thresholds being exceeded

Global view and management of the entire fleet of machines equipped with Blaxtair Connect around the world

Upstream mitigation of collision risks and unsafe behavior 


A Fleet Management Tool

Control of the Blaxtair fleet: location, remote maintenance


A Fleet Optimization Tool

View of the running time of the machines to identify their profitability and optimize their utilization if necessary







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